T.E.A.’s vision is to ensure women who need it have the opportunities and support to live independently – to make a living that provides self-sufficiency for each woman and her family, to live in a safe and comfortable home, and to move through life with steady access to positive pathways, whatever they may be. Together we have built a vibrant community of resources, support, and opportunity that helps women overcome systemic barriers to employment; recover
from a mix of financial, physical, and emotional traumas; and re-set the course of their lives.

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There are four main components of our
participant program

TIER 1: Personal Development and Assessment

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All participants enter the TEA program via TIER 1.

TIER 1 activities consist of intake, assessment, and exposure to self-esteem-building group educational opportunities. Wrap-around services covering a plurality of areas including but not limited to direct financial support, legal assistance, mental health, referral, etc. The goal of wrap-around support is to identify and eliminate barriers to participant employment and

Individualized goals are created in conjunction with the participants and their self-sufficiency coach and agreed-upon goals are then tracked weekly and mapped to show progress.

Tier 2: Job Development and Placement Services

During TIER 2 participants are introduced to those services that enhance their employability, and specifically go through a series of training certification programs.

Participants will complete the following in this TIER, as needed:

Computer Literacy Certification
Customer Service Certification
Coursera or Teachable Certification of their choice.
Resume/Cover letter writing workshops
Interview workshops
10 weeks of paid skills training

Program participants will complete each module at their own pace.

The program is facilitated through a series of in-person group learning, guest speakers, and online learning sessions.

Tier 3: Financial Literacy

TIER 3 participants are provided with contact information for specific resources in the community including places to receive financial advice and debt counseling services.

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Financial literacy topics are adjusted according to the identified needs of the group or individual receiving services and include information regarding:

  • Assessing one's relationship towards money
  • Predatory lending
  • Banking
  • Establishment and credit maintenance
  • Debt management
  • Paying bills
  • Investing
  • Insurance
  • Tax basics
  • Budgeting
  • Homeownership
  • Tenant/landlord relationships

The program is facilitated through a series of in-person group learning, guest speakers, and gamification. T.E.A.’s money relationships curriculum uses resources from the Center for Financial Social Work.

Tier 4: Wealth Building and Entrepreneurship

Money Relationships is a one-day, eight-hour workshop that encourages each participant to examine her mindset and habits around money, through interactive activities, group discussions, and take-home reflections and assignments. With this program, we teach the foundations of financial education to improve the quality of life for Detroit women and families living in poverty. Money Relationships is accredited by the National Association of Social Workers.

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